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A journey back into the time: "When Dinosaurs ruled the World!" More than 230 life-sized primeval giants expect your visit!

If you are looking for a safe & fun environment to enhance your children´s learning, then the dinopark is the best place to go! More than 230 life sized dinosaur reconstructions, up to 148ft long, transform your visit into a unique experience! On the 1,6 miles circuit-trail you will explore the evolution of the gigantic dinosaurs up to their extinction. Hereafter you are walking with mammoths & saber-toothed-cats! The dinopark offers an exciting action-packed day for all ages!


Dinosaur tracks

The Natural Monument "Dinosaur Tracks" protects and exposes more than 300 original dinosaur tracks in situ, which prove that various kinds of dinosaurs lived here in the Cretaceous period, 139 million years ago. Since 2004 we discover and excavate new dinosaur-tracks in the Münchehagen sandstone quarry. Visit the large protection hall and get in touch with this unique dinosaur-tracksite.

The large hall (over 11.400 square ft), which protects over 300 original dinosaur tracks from erosion, is the center of our park. These dinosaurs left their footprints in the mud of a shallow tropical lagoon. Fossilized in millions of years, these ancient amazing tracks survived until now! Due to the acknowledged international importance of these tracks for paleontology, the protection hall was build to preserve these rare dinosaur footprints. The trackmakers are three different types of dinosaurs: large herbivores like Diplodocus, smaller herbivores like Iguanodon and carnivores like the dangerous Allosaurus.


The Dinosaur Experience

Fossil hunting: dig your own fossils!
Excavate: your own dinosaur skeleton!
Live preparation lab + research center!
Touch real dinosaur fossils!
Constantly new exhibitons!
Action: At the stone age workshop!
Gigantic! Dino-adventure-playgrounds!

Exhibition: "Dino-Baby-Boom!"



“Dino-Baby-Boom” reveals sensational discoveries, presents original fossils that have so far not been available to the public and provides an insight into the dinosaurs’ family life: like many of today’s bird species, peaceable herbivores used to breed colonially and even the most dangerous predatory dinosaurs were attentive parents that used to hunt as a pack.

Even though the first verified dinosaur eggs were already found around 1859 their scientific significance did not turn out before the end of the 20th century. Advanced technologies enable us to derive a wealth of information on the giant saurians’ family life.



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Winter Break! The park has closed.

The park will open from march 12, 2022.

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